Start to build-up your Instagram Follower Network

Due to the problem with the new Instagram algorithm, it is more important to know how to let your Instagram Follower Network grow – thus keeping engagement high.

Instagram Follower Network
Instagram Follower Network. Get attention by your content.

Instagram Follower Network

A great follower network on Instagram is very important to create a big community range. Instagram welcomes it that you have a great user community and raises the visibility and ranking of your entries. As you can see in my entry about the Instagram Pod it isn’t so easy to have a wide range on Instagram today.

Why is network marketing for your new Instagram account so important?

The first step for a new Instagram account is to connect your Facebook Account and to add your friends. It doesn’t matter whether your account is commercial or not. Tell your friends that they have to comment and like your content. It is good to combine your audience of Facebook with your Instagram Follower network. You can do this with your email account as well. It is the first step because your Facebook network still exists. Maybe you don’t have a Facebook account then go to the next step.

First of all, you have to define your target group where you can distribute your content. Great content is the most important point of this list. You have to be unique. Offer your community a good reason why they have to follow you and why they have to interact with your activities.

Connect your new Instagram account with other popular Instagram accounts in your niche. Do a good research and connect some business contacts with other accounts similar to yours. Get in touch with the owner of the accounts and try to get some features. Maybe it is possible to do some project work in future together. Identify the influencer in your niche on Instagram. Set up broker deals where you post their content and they post yours. A good way to get the attention of influencer is to take a screenshot of their account, post it on your Instagram page and credit them by tagging and mentioning them in the description of your post.

Multi-channel support for your Instagram network

Share your content on other Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or WhatsApp. Ask your friends or your community to join your page on Instagram. If you have any subscribers or a newsletter you could distribute that you are now active on Instagram and ask them to connect with you. A multi-channel strategy will help you to increase your views on your Instagram profile. Sharing posts on several social media platform will help to strengthen your brand power and your Instagram Follower Network.

What should you not do on your new Instagram account?

Don’t buy likes, don’t buy followers. I don’t recommend to buy anything on Instagram except advertise. You want a real follower network which interacts with you and not a silent fellowship of bought followers. Get attention by your content is the best weapon to boost your follower network within a short time.

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