How to make good pictures – first steps with camera

It is easy to spend several thousand bucks for photography, but you don't need it! Talent and hard work you help you to save a huge amount of money. Take into account that you are a beginner, not a professional photographer.

How to make good pictures – first steps with camera

The first steps with camera for photography beginners

Taking good pictures is not that easy as someone believes. You need a lot of talent for photography and sometimes a big portion of luck. Added to this, there is a good knowledge about your equipment helpful. Maybe, it will help to read my last blog article about the equipment for starting photographers. I think the best way to learn is to do. Try, fail and learn. Taking good pictures will take a while. Trust me. In this entry, I will show you some small advice for the beginning. Let us call this a beginners guide for making good pictures.

What have I to do before I start to make great pictures?

Before you start to do your first pictures you have to test your new camera and lens on any technical issues. Mount the lens onto your camera. Turn your advice on. The next step is to set-up your camera. Define your language settings, set the time and do a research about the best settings for your bought camera on the internet. With a specified guide or tutorial which you can find online, it is easier to get the best results of your cam. Afterward, you could start with your first planned pictures.

How can I make good pictures?

Well, macro motives are very good for the start. You don’t need a lot of movement and you could adjust your settings easily. Try to shoot in automatic mode at first. It depends on your camera which mode it is. If you are not sure have a look in the user manual. At a further stage, you could try to shoot in manual camera mode. Later on more. For the first hours of using a camera, it could be helpful to go outside and to make pictures of everything you like. It is easier to make some random pictures instead of making pictures of some faked scenes. Try to capture some smaller animals, cars different lighting situation, buildings, some kind of architecture – at the beginning it is very helpful to get an idea what is your prioritized direction of photography.

How can I get the best results of my images?

The editing process of pictures is my specialty. I love it. Maybe you will do it as well, but before it will take a lot of time. I don’t want to shock you but I needed about 7 years to get the skills which I’ve got now. And yes, a well-edited version of a picture could change the real setting. Good skills in image editing programs are very helpful, you can rescue a lot of pictures after your shooting time.

Which program is the best for photo editing?

You have to make a decision between several versions of picture editing programs. I am using Adobe Photoshop and I am very satisfied with it. Since years. It is the master program in picture editing and I highly recommend to start with the best. Students and pupils will pay about 10$ per month for the basic photography programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. I think is an added value deal for your pocket. Next to Adobe Photoshop are some free versions. But I do not list them up because the one and only program I ever tested was Adobe Photoshop.

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