How to make good pictures – the equipment guide

It is easy to spend several thousand bucks for photography, but you don't need it! Talent and hard work you help you to save a huge amount of money. Take into account that you are a beginner, not a professional photographer.

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Choose the best equipment for a starting photography hobby.

The equipment guide for starting photographers

Shooting stunning pictures is not that easy as someone believes. You need a lot of talent for photography and sometimes a big portion of luck. Added to this, there is a good knowledge about your camera equipment helpful. Shooting good pictures will take a while. In this entry, I will show you some small advice for the beginning. Let us call this a beginners guide for your camera equipment to make great pictures.

Is an expensive equipment necessary for taking good photos?

No. As I mentioned before you need a talent for photography and at the beginning some luck. Maybe you buy expensive photography equipment at the beginning you may not know how to use it properly. It could be that you are disappointed and throw your camera into the corner for several months. You will be upset about your wasted money activities and it will end in frustration. Try to buy a good but not too expensive camera at the beginning. Next to the camera, a good lens is very important. Maybe you could buy a prime lens. That means that you have to walk a very lot at the beginning but it also trains your eyes for photography and your sense about a good positioning in front of motives. A zoom lens is very comfortable and good for traveling or common uses. Go to an electronic shop in your city and try it out. You need to hold the camera in your hands. Some cameras a big and some are very small. It is important to develop a good feeling.

Which photography equipment should I buy at first?

I will not recommend any specific models or scenarios for your photography equipment. I will recommend the must have for a beginning photographer. Buy a not too expensive camera. Try an APS-C sensor at first. You don’t need a full format camera. Well, full format cameras have some advantages against APS-C sensors but you will not recognize it during your first steps. You will be too overwhelmed with the technique and the menu settings. The second thing you have to place in your photography equipment collection is needless to say a lens. You have to decide between the above-mentioned case about a prime lens or a zoom lens. Both have some advantages. The prime lens results are a little bit sharper. Mostly it is not so heavy and a prime lens is often cheaper. The zoom lens is very comfortable, easy to carry and great for traveling. But please see that a good prime lens is not as much that as a good zoom lens. You have to decide against comfortability or performance and the best way for learning.

What do I need besides camera and lens?

The third part of your photography equipment should be a case for camera and lens. It is easier and safer to carry your equipment around. Theoretically, you could start to make pictures now. And I recommend to doing that. Don’t buy other stuff, just try it and be as much minimalistic as you can be.

What are the estimated costs of my first photography equipment?

It depends on. You could spend several thousands of bucks or you could try to make the most of your camera and to train hard to become a good photographer. A good camera to start is about 400-500$. A beginners zoom lens is about 200$ and a prime lens is a little bit cheaper. A case for your cam and lens is about 30$. All in all, we can say that you can stay easily under 1000 bucks. I recommend to buy you camera and lens a set to safe some extra money. Try to compare prices and to wait for the best offer. But remember, before you buy go to a store and try!

What should I do if I won’t spend so much money?

Well, for the beginning you could try to make some pictures with your mobile phone. A further possibility would be to rent a camera and to recognize if you are really interested in photography or if you have only in a mood to buy something.

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