Najero Calendar Design

Najero started selling its products on Dawanda, a do it yourself portal. Najero is now a very big player in the market of calendar sheets. They have a very good rating average and customers are highly satisfied. Najero wanted to grow and be a port on multi-channel platforms.

The owner of Najero and I created a strategy for the located growth. We decided to develop a multi-channel strategy, to start a re-branding, an online shop and to improve the customer experience.

Actually, we are working on the implementation of the strategy. We built the webshop, the new logo design and developed a process to improve the customer experience.



Xfit-Transformation was a professional service supplier for nutrition and training (fitness). They started on Facebook to share some information about their company work and key facts about training and nutrition. Facebook was the only channel so far. They needed a development concept.

The development plan included a re-branding, well-looking training videos (on YouTube) and so-called info cards, which shows some key information about training, nutrition and a healthy life.

Xfit-Transformation increased their sales afterward. They become a big player on Facebook. A training group was founded which had about 5000 participants on Facebook. 

Xfit-Transformation Video